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Headphones Review: Beats Studio Wireless Bluetooth

I own a truckload of headphones and earbuds.  I’m not being cliche- I seriously mean that I might own enough gear to fill a truck. I justify this large collection by telling myself that I travel a lot for work, so I’m constantly looking for the perfect gear.  Truth is, I just like headphones. To date I haven’t found the perfect pair and I’ve decided to review some of my collection to explain it all.  Today I’m talking about…..

Beats Studio Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

I don’t understand all of the good reviews for the Beats Studio Wireless Bluetooth headphones. Here’s my take: they are comfortable headphones that sound nice…unless you get near any background noise at all.

When I wear the Beats in a quiet environment, they’re great.  They connect with my iPhone quickly, they charge quickly, and they have a nice long battery life.  Plus, they’re comfortable, and the sound quality is nice. My ears sweat just a drop after wearing them for a decent amount of time, but I think that’s my own issue- my ears constantly sweat when I wear a set of cans.  Sound-wise, they do a good job.  There is the proper emphasis on the bass- not the old-style booming bass that people complained about with the old Beats. They aren’t as crisp on the middle and highs as some other sets I own, but I’m being picky in that regard.  Genuinely, they are a nice sounding pair of headphones.  The problem is that the Beats Wireless noise cancellation is the worst I’ve ever heard.  Ever.

I honestly can’t believe that there isn’t a more forceful backlash about this online.  No matter what the atmosphere, the minute I put the headphones on, they actually increase the ambient noise.  For real.  The ambient noise gets louder.  I’ve worn them in coffee shops, on airplanes, in restaurants, sitting on my couch while the kids listen to the TV, you name it.  In every instance, the background noise was overwhelming. The upside is that they are among the loudest of all the headphones on the market.  That means that you can turn up the volume and drown out much of the ambient noise.  But that’s not how they’re supposed to work.

I would buy the Beats if you are looking for a nice sounding headphone that you’ll only wear in a quiet environment.

PS- I heard that Apple just discounted their line of Beats headphones, which might mean that new products are coming out.