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Chance the Rapper is Awesome

If you like Hip Hop and you’re not listening to Chance the Rapper, you  need to start.

I know I should have heard about him earlier, but I’m just discovering his work.  I’ve been listening to his album “Coloring Book” for a few days now.  It’s got a lot of depth and the production value is incredible.

(Warning: if you don’t like explicit lyrics and the n-word, then don’t watch this video).


EDM, where have you been all my life?

DJYou’ve heard EDM in the past, even though you might not realize it. It’s Electronic Dance Music and it’s the stuff that Skrillex creates (I’m sure you’ve heard his name banging around (see what I did there? If not, go listen to his tune “Bangarang.” You’ll be hooked).  As you’ll see, it’s basically it’s a DJ spinning loud, thumping…well, electronic dance music.  Oh, and it’s AWESOME.

The beat is intoxicating, provided that you listen to the right DJ. These guys/gals aren’t just turning on a record player, they’re legit artists.  If you want to give it a chance, listen to Steve Aoki.  You can find his stuff on all of the music services.  Better yet, listen to his podcast– he assembles some of the latest hot tunes (my goodness, I am so hip that I can’t take it).  Seriously, it’s a great place to hear the best EDM around today. You can also check out one of his songs below.