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I’m not a fancy-shmancy restaurant guy

Fancy Place Setting

I think I’m one of the few people who don’t go crazy over high-class restaurants.

Tonight I was in Washington, DC because  I’m speaking for Georgetown Law tomorrow. I’m staying in the Liaison Hotel on New Jersey Avenue, right down the street from the Capitol Building (for those of you who are wondering why I’m not in Georgetown, it’s because Georgetown Law isn’t located in Georgetown, it’s near the Capitol). It’s raining hard tonight so I decided to go to the restaurant in the hotel, instead of my standard road fare of Subway or Panera. The restaurant in this hotel is “Art and Soul,” owned by the celebrity chef Art Smith (of Oprah and Top Chef fame).

It was okay. That’s it, just okay.

I had roasted fluke over cous cous and Swiss chard, with raisins and pistachios. It sounded awesome on the menu, but it was just average in real life. The fish was bland and there weren’t enough of the raisins and pistachios to give it the Middle Eastern accent that they were going for.  To add insult to injury, it cost me $45 after the tip (which I will obviously not expense out). Dang, that’s a lot more than the $5 Footlong I’m used to.

It wasn’t just the food that was underwhelming. I just don’t get the whole experience. The place was loud and busy. The staff wasn’t so nice. Could it be this particular restaurant, or is that what the fine dining experience is all about?

I guess I’m just a Panera kind of guy. I’m low maintenance and maybe even a little low class. I’m okay with that.