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Kids bored at the restaurant? No more!

LCRKeeping your kids entertained while you’re at a restaurant waiting for your food is not easy.  It doesn’t matter what age they are— if they’re young they get restless and if they’re older they get lost in their phones.  However, my wife found an interesting (and portable) game a few years ago and it’s changed our food-waiting experience.  It’s called, “Left, Right, Center.”

LCR is a simple dice game. Each person gets a few chips and you roll the dice.  If you get an L, you give a chip to the person to your left.  If you get an R, the chip goes to the person to your right, and on a C you put a chip into the center pot.  The last person holding any chips wins.  Simple.

What’s beautiful is that it’s fast moving, easy to play, doesn’t make too much noise, and is strangely engaging. Plus, it’s small enough to keep in a purse, pocket, or even leave in the car.

You can buy LCR on Amazon here.