What is Punkpro?


Are you the guy or gal who wears the colorful shoes at work? Maybe you’re the one who always rocks the funky accessories? Are you the person around the office who is known for being respectful, but direct? Perhaps you’re known as an entrepreneur who pushes the envelope, thinks outside of the box or [insert additional metaphor here]. If so, then you’re a Punk Professional.

Punk Professionals are driven, assertive, successful, and are on a constant quest for learning. We thrive on challenging situations, we like to disprove conventional wisdom, and we display our own bold personal style while doing it.

But the drive that characterizes a Punk Professional also has some down side— sometimes we push so hard that we lose sight of what’s important in life. Other times the overwhelming pressure of performing leads us down a dangerous path to addiction or other bad behavior of some kind. And fun often takes a back seat to work. Punkpro.com is here to help.

Punkpro.com helps daring professionals survive and thrive in both their professional and personal lives (is there really a separation any more?) It’s a source of fun, learning, inspiration and growth. It’s a place where we can be inspired with stories of success and learn about new paradigms in business. It’s about gaining a deeper understanding about great music and enjoying interesting aspects of art, sports and travel. As the community expands, we’ll be able to commiserate with our fellow business travelers, trade ideas with other innovative thinkers, and just grow all around.

Punkpro.com not only helps us grow, but it also helps us remember to savor the beauty in life that sometimes flies by unnoticed. And, maybe most importantly, it provides a healthy escape for bold professionals.

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